About My Approach


Divination is one of the most ancient human practices in the world. We cannot live without striving to understand the deep, starry celestial sphere and all things beyond. Whether it’s through science to predict ordered patterns, or through divination to make sense of random events, wanting to unravel universal mysteries seems to be as fundamental to our existence as the need to sing, dance and tell stories. It is weaved into the very fabric of the human psyche.

The Enlightened Purpose Of Divination

Both religious and scientific dogmas have turned against divination throughout history, demeaning it to nonsensical sorcery. But we know this is not true and we know that divination is part of our pursuit of enlightenment – at least for many of us. By ousting diviners and their practices, the powers that be have caused divination be used in impoverished and materialistic ways that do not help us much. So, let’s help turn this around, starting with ourselves.

As most diviners, I’ve often come across the folk who want to put my divination ‘to the test’, challenging me to prove my predictions true and foolproof. While I know firsthand that divination has real predictive powers and that I’ve used it successfully for even political events, this is actually the less helpful way of making use of it. Divination is only beneficial in so far as we can do something about its predictions. If we’re completely helpless then there really is no point in knowing anything ahead of time. As such, forecasting accuracy is not my priority. Rather, what I really care to bring to you through my practice is a spark of inspired insight to motivate you to think and act in ways that support your growth.

The smartest way to use any prognostication technique is to sense our alignment with the matter we’re inquiring about. Often times, when we’re in alignment, the reading feels right and we know exactly what to do. There is an ‘aha’ type of feeling and our understanding of the matter has resonance, is crisp and to the point. When a reading feels off, on the other hand, it’s usually a sign that we’re either not genuinely seeking an answer or that there is more to learn about the issue before divination can prove insightful.

Free Will Is Real

Another cautionary note that most diviners will agree on is that divination is not a substitute for our good sense and willpower. It’s a source of information; not the all-encompassing solution to our problems. Usually, we approach divination with an intuition about the outcome or a tendency toward a certain course of action. When the cards confirm our suspicions or the action we have in mind and it feels right, we know the reading ‘works’. In almost all mythologies, from ancient Rome to the Bible and into our modern times, the purpose of divination is to confirm a course of action or otherwise prepare as best as possible for a destined outcome.

So, for example, in the context of the annual and monthly video forecast readings that are also available through my YouTube™ channel, the best way to use them is to first, translate their general highlights into your specific life events, and second, use them as a launchpad for your own creative solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. That way you have a truly empowering source of information for your life process – and this is exactly what the Afterthought is designed for.

For your private readings, the suggestions are specifically tailored to you in light of your specific circumstances and I always welcome a dialogue with you around how to take things forward. The cards are meant to work for us not lock us into a certain idea. The key is really in the alignment of the meaning of the cards and in their ability to build a coherent picture that helps us grow.

A Launch Pad For Positive Change

Those of you who’ve already had private readings with me know that I wrap up a reading report with a relevant affirmation. That’s because repeating affirmations is one of the most powerful techniques I know to drive change in life.

By repeating one or two affirmations several times a day, every day, you will start to see tangible changes in your life. I won’t say more, only that I invite you to see for yourself. If you’ve purchased your Afterthought, you would know that I’ve dedicated a monthly section for several affirmations for you to choose from. Pick one or two that inspire you and practice them daily. It’s ideal to repeat them out loud and in front of a mirror. Fifty to a hundred times a day is not too many times! But start where you can and take it from there. You may also like to post your chosen affirmations where you can see them often. Mind you, this does not substitute for the results that come from uttering and repeating them consistently.

So, I often use the opportunity of divination to motivate my visualizations and affirmations. This really is the essence of my approach, for me personally and for my coaching practice. With the events highlighted by the cards and my empowered approach to interpreting them, you have a great tool to start channeling your own inner wisdom into intelligent and creative action so you can live your life even more consciously.

With Love & Clarity,