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27 December 2018
Afterthought Tips

Planning is one of my favorite parts of any activity. I love the whole process of life end to end, but planning has a special place. I think it’s because my thoughts and feelings get to roam freely, unrestrained by anything that’s actualized. That’s why I selected the Rider and Star as this week’s combination.

The calendar has a way of helping us reset our intentions, and the most powerful time for this reset is the beginning of the year. Now that we’re in the first few days of 2019, it’s time to take out pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, notebooks, boards, and any other tools you enjoy using to draw a big picture. I like my electronic calendar, a notepad, and my Astroclock reading. You’ll find your Astroclock in the Afterthoughts. The Afterthoughts also have an Annual Intention diary section where you can note your high-level goals for the year.

If you read personal development and business blogs, you’ll often find that there are elaborate differences between intentions and goals that tend to entail equally elaborate planning processes. I don’t always agree with these approaches. Instead, I feel that how we define our intentions and goals is and should be personal. The only condition is that we formulate them in a way that motivates us to make tangible progress until we achieve them.

Lenormand’s cards and layouts can help us with this because they’re tangible and action-oriented in character. Here are three awesome Lenormand tools you can use to guide your Annual Intention.



If you’ve got your Afterthought or are studying the Lenormand way with any of my Master Guides, you’d know that I organize life themes into twelve areas. Much like the zodiac’s twelve signs correspond to different life areas, I’ve identified twelve themes based on Lenormand’s cards. I use these themes to interpret the Astroclock and to pinpoint what’s going on in different life areas in large Lenormand layouts like a Grand Tableau.

If you’re still a bit unclear about what you’ve accomplished in 2018, think about what you’ve achieved across your different life areas like health, work, money, and relationships. You might have other areas of interest like creativity and housekeeping, and your relationships could cover anyone from family members to your professional network. Don’t dwell on the past though; you just need a few highlights to guide your intentions for the coming year.

You can use these same themes to guide your year ahead. This isn’t about being very specific about your goals at this stage, but about envisioning your life in 2019. You might want to close your eyes and feel your way through this for a few moments. You know you’re on the right track when it feels good and you’re smiling to yourself! Let your inner Star inspire your faith and hopefulness.



If you follow my YouTube channel or work with the Afterthought, you’d know that I draw an annual Astroclock reading, which you can also get as a private reading.

This amazing spread uses all 36 Lenormand cards to offer monthly highlights for the year ahead. As each month has three cards, the Astroclock offers an overview, though it’s also possible to draw a lot more insights from the cards by interpreting them in the context of different life areas as I do in the Afterthought – a technicality I call correspondences.

The general meaning of the cards point to a life theme or area. So the Astroclock brings up the different themes at different months in the year to help us plan the year ahead. For example, if the Ship shows up in May and it’s positively aspected by nearby cards, it could suggest that you travel around that time. But that’s not the only way to interpret the Ship as it’s also about setting sail in a metaphorical sense and achieving goals, especially in work and business. So the cards are flexible and you can always interpret them in a way that supports you.

The fact that the Astroclock uses all 36 Lenormand cards has advantages: First, it brings up all the different life areas so we keep them in mind, and second, it guides us to dedicate different months to different areas. We can’t do everything at the same time, and even if we could, it’s best to focus on one thing at a time so we accomplish our goals in tangible chunks. The Astroclock helps us organize our year in these ways.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the Astroclock does not replace your own plan for the year. Instead, it complements it by giving you inspiring and practical ideas about how you can tackle your goals in the coming twelve months.



In my last blog post, I described three ways to read three cards. Three cards are an easy and practical short line to read. It’s short enough to be quick and focused, and long enough to tell a story through two card pairs and a middle card.

You can draw three cards to get clarity at any point in your visioning and planning process,  but at this time of the year, you might like to draw them to get a general theme for your year ahead. You can subsequently use them as a background for your Astroclock’s monthly cards.

Once you’ve drawn three cards, think about the story they’re telling you and pay special attention to the middle card. You can interpret positive cards to mean what you ought to pursue and achieve, and negative cards to mean obstacles that you need to overcome this year.

Use your three cards to inspire your Annual Intention, and be sure to keep note of them in your Afterthought’s Annual Intention section.

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If you read your own Lenormand cards – awesome! – you’ll find the card meanings and many Lenormand combination meanings here. For more advanced material, my Master Guides offer lots (and lots) of tips.

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