Lenormand Card MEANINGS

The beauty of Lenormand’s cards is that their symbols come from every day life. This makes them very easy to interpret. For example, what do you think about when you look at the Dog? To many of us, the first thing that comes to mind is “man’s best friend,” or something similar. The Dog is about loyalty and friendship, and that’s what the Lenormand Dog card is about as well.

When you go through the cards in your deck, take notes about their meaning in different contexts based on your intuition and your own understanding of the cards. Here’s a free printable and fillable blank template so you can jot down your thoughts about each card.

The Anchor

Fortitude, Willpower, Resilience, Security, Steadiness, Consistency, Certainty, Restraint, Success.

The Bear

Power, Courage, Physical Strength, Protection, Authority, Leadership, Competition, Affluence.

The Bird

Communications, Messages, Phone Calls, Chatter, Discussions, Debates, Expression, Anxiety, Tension.

The Book

Knowledge, Secrets, Mysteries, Learning, Intellect, Research, Breakthroughs, Discoveries, Memory.

The Child

Children, New Beginning, Joy, Play, Creativity, Freedom, Innocence, Naivety, Inexperience.

The Clouds

Thoughts, Confusion, Doubt, Indecision, Misunderstanding, Insecurity, Instability, Suspicion.

The Clover

Luck, Good Fortune, Blessings, Providence, Opportunity, Happiness, Success, Reward, Carefree, Fun.

The Coffin

Ending, Loss, Grief, Illness, Rest, Recovery, Waiting, Absence, Discouragement, Obstacle.

The Cross

Spirituality, Guidance, Mystery, Faith, Destiny, Duty, Burden, Crisis, Tests, Trials, Tribulations.

The Dog

Friendship, Loyalty, Fidelity, Trust, Faithfulness, Colleagues, Siblings, Peers, Pets.

The Fish

Money, Prosperity, Abundance, Business, Independence, Entrepreneurship, Freedom.

The Flowers

Happiness, Joy, Contentment, Beauty, Youth, Charm, Affection, Gratitude, Creativity, Abundance.