Who and what is Lenormand?

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772-1843) was a high profile French fortune teller. She read for numerous political figures including Robespierre, Empress Josephine, and Tsar Alexander I. She’s said to have predicted serious political events including the French Revolution and the fall of Napoleon, causing numerous public controversies and landing her in jail on several occasions. Her most popular deck, Le Petit Jeu, consists of 36 cards and is named after her. Its cards are designed to be read in combination. You can read more about Mlle Lenormand here.

What cards do you use and where can I get them?

I use Titania’s Fortune Cards, which are Titania Hardie’s adaptation of Lenormand’s Petit Jeu deck. I love their simplicity and brilliant colors. Unfortunately, Titania’s Fortune Cards have gone out of print. You may find some copies on Amazon or Ebay, but I did confirm with the publisher, Quadrille, that they will no longer print them. I’m working on creating my own card deck, so sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay tuned.

Does it help to view forecast videos for signs other than my Sun sign?

Absolutely! As you know, readings published by astrologers in newspapers and tabloids, online and in print, are general forecasts. Your specific predictions are enhanced when your unique birth chart is taken into consideration. Similarly, Lenormand Reader’s video forecasts are generalized for the public. You can get more insights into your specific monthly predictions by watching videos for other signs in your chart, such as your rising and moon signs, and by getting a private reading.


I didn’t feel the videos resonated. Why is that?

Monthly forecasts are general and are read for the public at large as opposed to you individually. If you’re looking for specific answers to some issues you’re dealing with right now, it’s best that you watch videos of other signs in your chart, or get a private reading. Otherwise, listen to the advice given in the videos and see if you can apply them in a useful way in your life. Lenormand Reader’s guidance is heart-centered and can do you much good when you implement it intelligently in light of your specific circumstances. Feeling empowered to take aligned action is the key purpose of divination.

How do my private readings relate to my monthly videoscope?

Generally, your private reading will trump the general monthly horoscope. That’s because the latter is interpreted for the public at large, whereas the former is tailored to you personally, based on your unique circumstances. So, while it’s helpful (and fun) to combine private readings with monthly horoscopes, your private readings should prove more reliable and accurate.

I’m very skeptical, do readings and forecasts still matter?

You’re always welcome to watch your video forecasts or get a private reading. My role is not to impress anyone with my ability to predict the future of the world. Instead, I care to help you magnify issues and get to the heart of what you’re seeking so you can make positive changes in your life. If you just tune into the advice given in the videos or private readings, you can gain a lot. It also helps to learn the Lenormand way so you can interpret the cards in a very personal way.

How do private readings work exactly?

Once you’ve selected your reading from the menu page and paid through the gateway, you’ll be directed to a form where you can tell me about your question: What the question is, some background about it, and your timeline for it. I might get back to you for some clarifications. After that, I do the reading in private, and then send you a written report of your reading.

What does a private reading report look like?

It’s a printer-friendly PDF document that I send you by email. It includes your query and timeline, a photograph of the cards drawn, and the interpretation of the cards. The interpretation is tailored to the spread you selected and includes a helpful summary. Different readings have different report structures and lengths.

Do you offer Skype readings?

Not at this time. I read in private to intuit your situation. A written report is also a better record. You can go back to it at any time and clients find that it’s more convenient than having to skip around a video recording.

I’m going through a lot, can I still get a reading?

Yes! Lenormand readings are great to clarify priorities and get to the heart of an issue. We can identify key concerns to draw cards for, or keep the reading open-ended for ideas about a starting point. Read the description of each reading type to decide which one is best for you. Get in touch if you still don’t know how best to proceed.

Are there topics that I can’t ask about?

Not really, but I caution against questions that peek into someone else’s business when it doesn’t affect you, or that are ethically questionable, like asking about underhanded dealings or a relationship with someone attached. If you’re led to ask about such topics, I prefer that we dig into how we can help you move into a healthier situation.

I have an emergency, can you help answer my question faster?

Lenormand readings are not meant to replace your good sense to respond to an emergency. It’s always best to divine a query from a space of balance and neutrality. So I suggest you first manage the urgency, then, when things have settled a little, we can inquire into your situation moving forward.

I’ve never had a reading before, can I still get a reading?

Of course! If you’re completely unfamiliar with my approach, you might want to check out your monthly horoscope forecasts. In addition to your Sun sign, you can also watch videos for other signs in your chart, like your ascendant, Moon sign, etc. Then visit the private reading page to select your reading.

Are private reading report delivery timelines flexible?

Timelines are approximate. So, I could deliver your reading a little earlier or a little later than the said timeline. If unforeseen circumstances will significantly delay me (which has never happened), I will get in touch with you and we can agree together on how best to proceed.

Do you offer refunds for private readings and e-books?

Because so much time and soul is spent on a reading and because e-books are easily saved and shared, I don’t offer refunds on either. I would issue a refund, however, if unforeseen circumstances prevent me from completing your reading within reasonable time, which has never happened.